A plastic part is only as good as the tool that molded it.

That’s why Grimm Brothers devotes the necessary resources to crafting the highest caliber molds and tools for your project.

Others may advertise a cheaper plastic molding process—but you’ll end up paying more to correct problems that will inevitably occur. Instead, we start from a point of quality.

We build custom production tools from durable materials, including aluminum. And we use our Romer measuring arm to verify the integrity of the molds. The result? Tools of far greater durability than those used in injection molding. In fact, we've had tooling run for more than 25 years.

If we can do the job in house in a timely manner, we will. We also can draw on our network of trusted tooling partners to get even the most complicated molds produced on time. Whether your mold is produced in house or by our partners, we’re actively involved at every step of the tooling process.