A success with MTS


The Problem


A Minneapolis, MN customer in the metrology & testing industry, asked us to take part in the redesign of a hydraulic pump cover. The customer is very design-centric, so it was important to develop a new cover that offered the visual appeal required to help motivate potential buyers. The revised design would require good structural integrity, a variety of undercuts, and in-mold textures. Its overall part dimensions were 40.5" x 56.3" x 12.5" and featured tolerances as tight as + 0.03".

The Solution

The original hydraulic pump covers were manufactured using rotational molding. While strong and durable, rotational molded parts lack the ability to highlight fine surface details. In close coordination with our customer's engineering team, we employed our pressure forming process to manufacture the covers in custom colored ABS plastic. Our thermoformed material produced the sharp lines, textures, logos, and other aesthetic details that were required. Our team also designed an internal ribbing framework within the cover to help enhance its overall strength. Using injection molding, we recreated the company's logo and mounted it to the pump's cover. All of the components were produced with a Mold-tech 11030 textured finish which provided enhanced sound deadening while the pump is in operation.

The Result

When the newly designed pump cover was presented to our customer's marketing team, the reaction was overwhelming. The cover was designed and fabricated exactly how they hoped it would be. It hit the mark in terms of visual appeal, offered upgraded performance, and enhanced the product's overall value. We've worked with our customer in the past and continue to gain their trust, especially for critical components that help drive sales. To learn more about our pressure forming capabilities, please contact us directly or refer to the table below.