Our Leadership

Ron Winslow - General Manager

Ron brings nearly 30 years’ experience in manufacturing to his role as General Manager at Grimm. He joined the company in 2012, and specializes in operations, engineering, and procurement management as well as production development. Ron has 19 years’ experience in the Lean management philosophy, which identifies ways to add value and eliminate waste in manufacturing; he has participated in more than 200 Lean events to build his base of expertise. He draws upon this experience to increase the efficiencies of manufacturing processes on the customers’ behalf.

Brad Grimm - Engineering

Brad joined the family company in 2006 to oversee the engineering department. In this role, he advises the team about new projects that are a good fit for both the customer and Grimm Brothers, as well as the best ways to approach a project. He leads the design efforts for internal and external projects, ensuring that when design assistance is required, Grimm can provide a functional, beautiful, and manufacturable part. He also sees to it that projects run smoothly, questions are answered, and all timelines are met.

Grimm has both the ability and willingness to solve problems,” Brad says. “We don’t easily back down from a challenge that has merit.

Rob Tapp - Quality

Rob has been with Grimm for more than two decades and in that time has performed many roles, from floor work to production supervisor, then manager, to his position as Quality Manager. He serves as the customer’s primary contact for inquiries about quality procedures and processing. In addition to performing inspections, he’s involved with project startups, determining inspection criteria, ensuring efficient design, and translating the customer’s quality goals into a finished part.

Grimm is known for its ‘can-do’ attitude,” Rob says. “We often take on projects that others say can’t be done—and are very successful at producing the parts.

Our Story

Grimm Brothers is a family-owned business that began in the early 1980s when farmers Kent and Curt Grimm started doing side projects in their shop. 

One of their first projects was creating electronics cabinets out of fabricated particle board covered with plastic laminate. Orders for the products grew rapidly—to a point that the brothers could hardly keep up with demand. 

In May 1985, Kent and Curt attended the National Plastic Expo held in Chicago where they talked their cabinet buyer into replacing the current cabinet with plastic ones. The brothers believed there were opportunities in pressure forming, and decided to start a full-time business. Grimm Brothers’ first machine was a vacuum former, but, using their engineering skills, Kent and Curt subsequently retrofitted the equipment as a pressure former.

There was no looking back. Nearly 30 years later, Grimm Brothers has grown to become a leading thermoforming company—creating high quality components used in the biotechnology, automotive, aerospace, oil & gas, optical, mining, chemical, telecommunications, electronics, medical, and heavy equipment industries.

Our Factory

Grimm Brothers Plastics Corporation operates a 100,000-square- foot facility in the rolling hills of Wapello, Iowa.

  • Equipment - Our factory is equipped with 13 five-axis CNC routers, six three-station rotary pressure form presses, four single-station presses, a Romer arm with 3D scanning capabilities, and a dual cell paint booth.
  • Materials - We work with a variety of materials, such as acrylic, ABS, TPO, HDPE/LDPE, PET/PETG, polycarbonate, polyester, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyurethane, and copolymer polypropylene.
  • Services - From this facility, Grimm Brothers can offer myriad services including design, prototyping, machining processes, injection molding, assembly, finishing, painting, hot stamping, pad printing, silk screening, testing, packaging, and logistical support.
  • Experience - Our dedicated team is experienced in engineering and design, prototype development, and production—handling low- or high-volume runs with reliable efficiency.