Two Sheet Molding

Achieve the quality and complexity of injection molded parts—with reduced tooling costs and shortened lead times. You can expect these results with pressure forming.

In this process, air pressure forces the plastic against the mold, allowing us to create incredible detail on component surfaces. 

Pressure forming is well-suited for parts that require precise tolerances and consistent replication. It’s ideal for projects requiring sharp edges, tight corner radii, and high aesthetic integrity—but without large production volumes.

Grimm Brothers has used pressure forming to produce high quality, custom-molded plastic parts for more than 30 years. We’ll draw on that expertise to find the right solution for your component.

Advantages of Pressure Forming

High Detail
Tight Radii
In-mold texture
In-mold Fasteners
Ability to add undercut sections
Lower tooling costs + shorter lead times than injection molding

Production Volume

100 - 5000 EAU
Prototype options available

Typical Lead Times

6 to 8 Weeks

Maximum Tool Size

6' X 8'

Maximum Draw Depth